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October 23 2017

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October 22 2017

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Never impressed

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Bake Off: Bread Innuendo Week



I’m a total weirdo for saying this but that flirtilicious exchange between Paul and Prue on the last gif is like UNF….

Like I said, I am a total weirdo.

@rodery LOL.

I love everything about this ahaha. I love how much everyone flirts @radiumkind

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October 21 2017

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LGBT culture is your parents knowing absolutely nothing about you

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It’s 7:16am, boy has been successfully woken up and sent to work, I’m still watching Buzzcocks, heading to bed soon. Maybe.

Noel Fielding… is so beautiful.

I’m staying up until 6am to wake the boy up and I’m on such a high. Like super happy. Mini mania. It’s all good.

October 20 2017


does anyone else’s mom or dad just watch murder/crime shows all the time or is it just mine

October 19 2017


me: *cuts someone toxic out of my life*

also me: *feels bad about it*

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I’m rewatching Never Mind The Buzzcocks yet again.


i support the irish lesbian witch whose soul chose hozier as a vessel to write music about her and her undead gf

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