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May 22 2018

I have induction training all day tomorrow, which involves the super strenuous task of sitting in a room and being talked at while I pretend to pay attention. So I decided to drink a bottle of wine in my back yard and do crosswords for the evening.

May 21 2018


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Happy 45th Birthday, Noel!

May 20 2018


let’s play a game called is this normal female-female interaction or is she flirting with me because i have no idea and i’m not straight enough to ignore this

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*me and my friend at tesco at 3am doing ‘human things’ to keep up the facade that we’re normal*

“I took all of my makeup off. Self-care. God bless.”

My drunk ass, still drinking vodka at 2:21am:

May 19 2018

One person in my old friend group has actually tried to keep up contact in the past two years, even though we’re both awkward as fuck. He walked across the city to meet me on Paddy’s Day, even though he had other plans. He wants to meet me today and introduce me to his new girlfriend and I really hope I can make it happen.

May 17 2018

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noel‘s most recent instagram post!

May 14 2018

I was so hyped up with delayed anxiety from my first day that when I got home, I cooked dinner, washed my hair, cleaned the kitchen, meal prepped lunch for the week and cleaned the kitchen again in the space of two hours.

First day was pretty okay though. I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, but it was okay.

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May 13 2018

I drove a go-kart for the first time ever today and considering I have an almost phobia level of fear when it comes to driving aaaanything, it was quite an experience.

I’m starting a temp job tomorrow so it was the best time to do something like that. Because if I could do that, I have no reason to be nervous about tomorrow.

May 12 2018

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make me choose: anonymous asked: classic rock or punk

when there’s no future, how can there be sin
we’re the flowers in the dustbin
we’re the poison in your human machine

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May 11 2018

Quick question, why does “Read More” seem to only work occasionally on tumblr mobile? Like what’s the point of having the option if it doesn’t work?

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one of my favorite things is when a pairing gets fairly popular and people start shipping different characters in different franchises together because they’re played by the same actors as the ones in the original pairing

May 10 2018


Portuguese broadcaster: So what pyrotechnics are you expecting to use?

Hungary: Uh

Hungary: How much have you got?

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